Star Wars DVD box set wanted!


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Where can I find it for the best price. Its on HMV for £48.99 is there any where else I can get it cheaper???


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Hi Josh,

Alas, as George Lucas has now deleted SW on DVD, you're going to be stuck paying stupid prices for a new, sealed set of the trilogy on DVD. You're only other option are places like eBay, or second-hand stores. Also try looking in video-rental places like "Blockbusters", just in case they have a way of getting a copy for you.

Sorry, but blame Lucas for being the money-grabbing swine he is.

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I bet you could buy a blu-ray player for £48.99!! Then you wouldn't need the DVD version!!!


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I bet you could buy a blu-ray player for £48.99!! Then you wouldn't need the DVD version!!!
He could, but it wouldn't be very good. You need to spend, in my view, about double-that, to get a decent one, that's going to give you decent picture and sound-options, allow for easy and reliable firmware upgrades, and not throw a hissy-fit with the Star Wars Blu-Ray discs.

A lot of people still want SW on DVD, not Blu-Ray, and are desperate to get the original, untainted trilogy (the double-disc sets that came with the remastered versions of the films on disc 1, and the 4:3 letterbox original editions on disc 2) for a reasonable price. Even though Blu-Ray may be visibly and sonically superior, there's a high demand for the original trilogy, even on the slightly inferior DVD format.

Lucas could make a small fortune all over again, if he put the original, untainted trilogy on three Blu-Ray discs, with a handful of extras. Sadly, we know he won't, but that's what the public want. Not the messy, botched-to-hell remastered editions, with new CGI retouches all over the place.


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Josh, if you check the classifieds, I have a hunch someone may be selling one there. :)
Plus the DVD original Trilogy box set had loads of extras not on the bluray release.
2 long documentaries
one was the making of all 3 movies "Empire of dreams"
can't remember the full title of the second one but something along the lines of the Mythology behind star wars.
I am upset that i sold my SW DVD's before the BR release before the prices dropped. They never did!.
Mind you i am also Peed off that i got rid of my Laserdisc player along with all the SW discs including the US definitive collection
The US Theatrical versions
The list goes on.
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