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Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by z5461313, Sep 28, 2004.

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    Well I just bought the Star Wars Battlefront game and playing it is really fun

    If you like Star Wars then you should get this as there is so much to do on it

    And if you have adsl then you can play it online with other people, so making the game last longer

    You can play almost all the Star Wars characters there are from wookies, storm troopers, the robot army they had in the Phantom menace and rebel troopers

    And the maps they have picked are excellent and true to life in the films. One favourite map I have so far is the last battle in the Attack of the Clones where the cloned army take on the robot army

    They also have lots of vehicles in the game which I have found easy to control. There are x-wings and tie fighters and then you can pilot the empires large walkers. And there are alot of the space ships from the Attack of the clones. There are also those 2 legged horse type animals you can get on to get somewhere quickly

    I particularly like piloting the land speeders through a forest in one of the maps

    They have also added bots to the online games making it more full and sometimes you can't tell who is a person and who is an ai bot

    So when you put it all together what you see when your playing a battle is space ships flying around, lazer beams firing everywhere and generally a very hectic battlefield in progress all from the Star Wars universe

    The graphics are quite good too using the latest direct x9.0c drivers

    So its a fun game

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