Star trek Voyager DVD PQ


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Anyone bought the voyager season 1 boxset yet ( I know I only came out on Monday! but I really want it)
What is the picture quality like compared to sky one?

Dave H

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it should be a lot better then tng as it is ten years younger but that doesn't mean anthing these days.



The picture quality should be similar to the middle DS9 seasons DVD sets and onwards.

The Sky episodes I have seen didn't look too good, so the DVD's should be much better.


Hi, I bought the 7th season of DS9 because I love this show, but I was also worried about picture quality. My verdict is both good and bad, colours and detail are good but there is "noise" on the picture, a bit like you get on Sky, which disappointed me. I must admit I am really looking forward to buying the Blu-Ray versions of Enterprise which was shot in widescreen and HD 1080i.



Season 6 and 7 of DS9 is the best Star Trek has looked.

The Orginal Series on DVD should look even better as they were edited on film rather than video.

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