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Star Trek shorts is a mini series of short Star Trek stories available on disc that cleverly link the main series episodes to one another through stories that fill the gaps between them.

Ep1 - RUNAWAY - an episode which features Tilly

Ep2 -CALYPSO - a story which has been lauded by fans and critics alike as being excellent

Ep3 - THE BRIGHTEST STAR - an episode which features Saru

Ep4 - THE ESCAPE ARTIST - featuring Harry Mudd at his usual best and worst

Ep5 - Q&A - featuring Number 1 & Spock on his first assignment to the Enterprise

Ep6 - THE TROUBLE WITH EDWARD - a comedy episode to be sure with Tribbles galore

Ep7 - ASK NOT - an episode featuring a Starfleet cadet in training

Ep8 - EPHRAIM & DOT - its a cartoon! And its an episode that animation wise is streets ahead of the original animated series (1973-5)

Ep9 - THE GIRL WHO MADE THE STARS - is the weakest of all the episodes.

A highly recommended watch if you can. :thumbsup:
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Unfortunately I think this show maybe done now, Covid screwed up production and now they have 5 shows on the go this probably didn't fit in anywhere anymore.

There is also a 10th episode that isn't on the Blu-ray but it's instead included on the PIC set that is kind of like a epilogue.

Oh thats interesting. whats a PIC set zant?

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