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Nov 7, 2002
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We're going to wait until tomorrow to post my DVD review of Paramount's 2-disc Star Trek: Nemesis - Special Collector's Edition, which streets today. What you need to right now (before you rush out to buy it this morning) is that it includes EVERYTHING that the previous DVD release had extras-wise, plus a lot more. It also improves upon the previous DVD release's already great video and audio quality.

As stated above, the original release of this has superb PQ to begin with!

Wonder if the extras this time around will include Will Wheaton's excised footage which didn't even make the deleted scenes section last time.

How much did he p**s Rick Berman off to have his footage not only consigned to the cutting room floor, but then to suffer the double indignity of having it excluded from the deleted scenes section on the DVD? :D
the_pauley said:
Wonder if the extras this time around will include Will Wheaton's excised footage which didn't even make the deleted scenes section last time.

I have seen a review of the new 2 Disc SE and it does include the missing 'Wesley Crusher' footage as well as the deleted scenes from the original release and brand new stuff so definitely worth a purchase.
Hmm...........was told that the original DVD release of Nemesis was to be the sort of collectors type edition as it had considerable more extras (or as is stated on the back cover special features) than the other original single DVD releases of the ST films. Anyway I can only assume because the first release of Nemesis is a single disc edition Paramount felt it would be nice for us to have it as a two disc version so that it would look in sync with the others in our pleasant and thoughtful of them. ;)

By the way the VHS (remember those) release of First Contact had more extras on it than the first DVD single disc release, in fact it didn't have any, for instance the interview with the actress that played the Borg queen (Alice Krige). The new double DVD version reinstates that extra plus other features. All done of course in the name of better value and sold to us at a special price because its' been released before (I don't think) and nothing at all to do with making a fat few extra bob. :rolleyes: I'll wait for it to come down to £9:99 or in a BOGOF for that one, in fact both of them.

ps. I've seen the single disc version of Nemesis in HMV and Virgin at £4:99.
I am going to get the Australian 20 Disc Star Trek Film Collection when it comes out in December as it will contain all 10 film in SE format and it only costs about £60 which makes each film around £6 or £3 per disc which seems like excellent value to me.
I feel, like others, that not all the ST films were that good that's not to say they were awful just disappointing. My personal favourites are the first one a bit slow maybe even in its' directors cut version which was directed by the late Robert Wise, followed by Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6, First Contact then Nemesis.
I'm sure others will disagree though. :)

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