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Reviewed by Glenn Scully, 20th May 2009
Filled with all the right lines pointing you in the right directions, there’s no denying that J.J. Abrams is paying respect to the essence of James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy. Whether he shows the same respect to Gene Roddenberry’s ideals and human message is a question perhaps left to the inevitable sequel. For now, this just lays groundwork. Don’t worry, though: it’s groundwork with a very real potential.
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Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
My thanks to Glenn for allowing us to publish his terrific review which was originally part of the Star Trek 11 discussion thread.
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Thought I didn't recognise the name...;)
Superb review of a subject that obviously means so much the writer - and it's great to see it written by such a person - because they are normally the most critical of the subject matter.

I must say though, as a Star Trek "dabbler" I loved every single second of this film when I took my "lad" ((he's nearly 21...:blush:) to see it at Leicester Square...from a non crtiical fans point of view, absolutly spot on in my opinion.

Best character - Karl Urban as Bones - "God Dammit man - I'm a Doctor not a physoclogist" - perfect down to his pronounciation of the word vaccine...(God - I thought I was a dabbler!:rolleyes:)

Worst character - have to agree with you there my friend - Uhura was a bit on the weak side.

Fantastic review - look forward to 2011 for your next one!!:D


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Excellent review.

Wasn't Kirk also eating an apple when he was talking about beating the Kobayashi Maru test in Wrath of Kahn?
I havn't watched it for year so might be wrong.
I wonder if thats where JJ got the idea from?

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