Star Trek I to X 4K Blu Rays Wanted!

Which Star Trek Film Was Your Favorite?

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I have grown up watching every single Star Trek film in the cinema since I was 7...way back in December 1979....When "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" premiered. I was living on an Air Force Base, and the Base Theater showed ST-TMP...Although seeing the films NOW on Blu-Ray is cool...but, I want to see the 4K UHD versions! It will be as close as possible to re-living the times when I couldn't WAIT to see Star Trek at the movie theater...Thanks to Blu-Ray, I can really enjoy Trek on a bigger screen! Please, Paramount, RELEASE 1 to 10 on 4K Blu-Ray!!! :D

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Given how Paramount dropped the ball on the 50th Anniversary, i don't think we'll get decent 4K versions of these films, apart Wrath of Khan

Indiana Jones

I think we are past any chance of getting Blu-rays of the films (bar WoK) at the quality they deserve but when they finally decide to release them in UHD I have high hopes they will finally get them right because for a start they will need to create brand new 4K transfers (only WoK has had that so far) and Paramounts recent catalogue offerings have finally given certain films the TLC they never received on Blu-Ray (ie Mission Impossible)

If Trek 4 were due then it would be easy to predict when they might release them but that film is dead in the water however perhaps they will try to cash in on the new Picard series and put out UHDs towards the end of this year if not all of them then at least the TNG films.


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Would be good if Arrow or Criterion approach Paramount to release them. They would need to redo the extra effects from the Directors cut of The Motion Picture as they were done in SD (really good forward thinking there, Not!). Release them films in 2 sets 1-6 for TOS crew and 7-10 for TNG. Ideally I want Shanter to do a Director's cut of The Final Frontier with redone effects.
Wishful thinking I know, christ let's chuck DS9 and Voyager HD on the wish list as well.

Indiana Jones

Very wishful thinking lol

I expect the Directors Edition of TMP will never be redone and remain a DVD exclusive and Shatner will never get to do his DC of V (would cost far too much money) but I would be surprised if VI doesn’t add back in the cut René Auberjonois scenes.

If they did put out a 1-10 box set I am sure we would be looking at a £150+ RRP but screw it if they finally get the transfers right I will pay it.

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