Star Trek - Enterprise Season 4



I just realised today that its been showing on channel 4, i didnt see any advertising for it and completely missed the cliffhanger from last season and it seems i may have missed several episodes too, when did it start on channel 4 ?

I noticed a few cuts ( at least it looked cut as some of the violent scenes ended rather swiftly )

I would certainly buy something like this on dvd but no way will i pay the money they want, i can buy a quality show like Lost for £30 or 24 for £35 yet cheapest i have seen Enterprise listed at was over £60 wayyyyyyy too much money for a tv show.
I don't particularly care for ENT (all seasons at £59.99 minimum), but wouldn't mind the DS9 boxsets which are still way too pricey at £36.97 (seasons 1,2) £37.99 (seasons 3,4,5,6), and £33.97 (season7). I guess thats Paramount for you.
It started about 3 weeks ago, the same time as SG-1 Season 8 but you are right, if I hadent been checking the TV Guide I wouldnt have even known it was on.
Think this and the last one was a vast improvment on the first two and whereas I could have missed them and not botherd I just have to watch it now.
Garrett said:
Think this and the last one was a vast improvment on the first two ......

Right up until the final eps


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