Star Trek box set dvd quality?


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Was thinking of getting this and wondered if all these movies were good quality transfers or not,have heard some are anamorphic and some arent?
What with the special editions coming out was thinking is it worth the wait for those instead?


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Re: ST V, bad news....

From today's DVD File :

"Bad news for Trek fans. According to a new interview with Star Trek V helmer Michael Myers, er, William Shatner over at IGN (http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/377/377798p1.html), Paramount has nixed a possible new director's cut of the oft-panned The Final Frontier. While rumors brewed that Paramount might grant Shatner the opportunity to go back and revisit his sole directorial Trek outing with a recut and possible new footage, according to Kirk himself, Paramount "wouldn't let me have it." While a two-disc collector's set of the film is still due out next year, expect it to include the theatrical cut only. Stay tuned for more details..."

Ahh well, I quite enjoyed it as it was!

I guess the 'mount doesn't think it'll make enough cash to warrant the expense of a 'super-duper' directors cut.
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