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Hi chaps

Looking to go and see the new Harry Potter film at Star City in Birmingham soon. The dates available on the website show screens 12 and 19 as being free.

I saw Star Wars AOTC on screen 1 and was blown away. Are screens 12 and 19 standard or are they up to scratch with screen size, quality and audio ?

Let me know as I need to book to keep my younger sister in law sweet.



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Sorry, I don't know what the quality of these two screens will be like, but I should think they will be near-perfect.

However, they are the larger screens, as both can hold around 539 people, plus a few spaces for wheelchair users.

Sorry I can't be of more use to you. You could always telephone them on Birmingham (0121) 326-0291 and enquire, but don't mention that I told you this number. (It's their office number.) Tell them Directory Enquiries gave it to you.



Gary D

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poochJD, thats not the office number!! thats the info point number, the office number is ..... well i wont put that, are you really starting work there soon?



If you are working there, when you hear me utter the codephrase "Yam luking grite today, ennit?" , that means I want an extra large popcorn on the house! ;) :D

Yes ATOC was fab in DLP screen 1, wasn't it??


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Sorry about the incorrect phone number. Anyway, at least it should get you in touch with a human being.

And yes, I should hopefully be going to work there soon, although as you may know already, I don't have enough funds to move from my current abode in Manchester, to a new place in Birmingham.

Oh, as for the: "Yam luking grite today, ennit?", I'll just offer you a blank stare, complete with a free grunt of "Sorry, we sold out o' that. Like a coke instead?" :D


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