Stands Unique AV One speakers any good?


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Long time HT owner looking to go atmos and as I’m only in this room for another year (my daughter has eyes on it) rather than go in-ceiling I’m looking to mount some speakers to the ceiling for atmos in my 7.1.4 set-up.

I’ve come across 5 of these speakers by (now closed shop) Stands Unique for approx £300 s/h

Can anyone share any experiences of them? The specs look decent but there’s VERY little out there on them, other than one great review.

For your info this is my set-up:

Arcam AVR-390 (using my old avr200 for atmos channels)
Proac studio 125
Spendor c5e
Triangle Borea surrounds (old model)
Proac hexa rears
MA sub

I have a pair of CA minx min21 I bought for this purpose but tbh I’m underwhelmed with them after hooking them up to my Arcam a65+ to test. I like the cleanliness of the mids but they’re a bit shrill eh!?

Am I over thinking things & will their thinness not matter within my system as the sub will handle the lower frequencies? If so I’ll get another pair.

( also looking at MA radius 90/180)

Any thoughts would be appreciated Before I start drilling into the ceiling…
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