Stands, spikes and floorboards


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I'm trying to get my stands (Atacama SE24) setup as well as possible. They're sand filled up to about an inch below where the openning on the back is (so over three quarters filled roughly). The problem I've been having is getting them steady on my floorboards, and I eventually figured out that the floorboard themselves are loose.

So I took the carpet up to fix the floorboard down better, and found rather significant holes in the floorboards where the spikes have been (several millimetres deep).

So my question is how should the spikes sit on the floorboards? Entirely ontop or is it inevitable that the sharp spikes will sink into the floorboards a little? Do I maybe have too much sand in them, or am I putting too much pressure on when trying to force the spikes through the carpet?

Just been looking at the holes again and they're more like 5+ mm deep, so pretty deep. If I just sit the stands on the floorboard without any pressure at all, they sink about 2 mm deep just under their own weight.

Are there any other options, like putting something between floorboards and spikes maybe, either above or below the carpet?

Also any general advice on getting this right? It's proving a big frustration.

Cheers in advance,


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You could try glueing 4 two pence pieces to the floor and laying the carpet over.
need a bit of carefull measuring to get stands back on though....
good luck.


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i think the advice given with the pennies is a good one, i never had that problem of the spikes sinking 5mm into the floor baord, thats is quite a distance, i used marble plinths underneath my speakers , but theyre on a wooden floors now, maybe you could try marble/granite plinths?


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Cheers for the suggestions :smashin: I think the two pence idea sounds good, under the carpet, possibly stuck down with a tiny bit of (flatenned) blue tac. I reckon I'll be able to get the the speakers positioned ontop of them ok.

I do like the plinth idea though (especially since my speakers could do with being a few inches higher), but I wonder if the carpet underneath would make the speakers/stands/plinths rock a little? I guess not if the plinths are heavy.

Anyway, I'll try the coins first since it's much cheaper, about 16p I believe :D I'll need to get my floorboards nailed down securely first though...


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Ideally (and this may cost) you could get plinths with spikes on (generally a shallower angle on the spike), either hardwood or granite/marble. Then remove the spikes from the stands and use an isolation system such as sorbothane feet or nordost pulsar points where the stand spikeswould be.
Depending on your speakers you could also experiment with different amounts of sand. A lighter speaker will usually sound better with a heavier stand and vice versa.

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