Stands For Quad 11L Speakers


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I have a pair of these in glossy black. The floor on which they will sit is currently carpeted but may soon be laminate flooring. What is important to me is that the speakers are held securely.

Can anyone kindly recommend appropriate stands for them please?


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I would get a pair of Atcama SE6s, one tub of Atabites mass loading for each stand and a set of Atacama floor protectors for when you get your laminate flooring. I would also use 4 blobs of bluetac to secure the Quads to the top plate of the stands.


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To keep the cost down you could use dried sand instead of Atabites - Atacama supply a poly bag with the SE range to line the column, and I got enough sand in my SE5s so that each weigh 14kg. A 25kg bag will cost next to nothing from a DIY shed.

2p coins under the spikes will work pretty well according to some people - you could drill a small indent to prevent them slipping (although this is probably illegal, defacing currency and all that, but don't tell anyone and you might get away with it, although there will probably be a CCTV camera pointed at you as you do it so be very, very careful:devil: )


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I use coins under my spikes.
I used 10p coins (I prefer the silver look!), with small holes drilled halfway through. The coins are fixed to the tiled floor with small blobs of blu-tak.


I have my 11Ls on an old pair of Celestion stands. Try to get a stand at 24" if you sit on a sofa. it wd just nice at ear level. i am looking for 2 granite slabs to place between the base and the stand. i think that wd reduce vibrations and increase bass.

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