Stands for bookshelf speakers


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I would be interested to know if the good folk of this forum think these are a good investment.

My Tannoy Precision 6.1's sit on the same unit as my Project Classic TT, about 20" each side of the deck. Do you think putting them on dedicated stands will enhance the SQ?



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Yes, especially if they sit on the same unit as the turntable


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And before lashing out the ridiculous prices that are usually asked for stands, I’d suggest you look at these,

Absolutely all that is required.., and perhaps a bag of sand.

There are a few other styles from Fisual on the same site at around the same price.


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and perhaps a bag of sand
This is good advice. A £5 bag of kiln dried sand from your local DIY is all that's required to fill stands (worth doing). Secondly, blu-tack is more than sufficient for attaching the speaker to the stand. The branded "HIFI" versions of these things cost loads more and do precisely the same job, so don't let anybody sell you any.

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