Standby/Off LED on the Samsung LE**R51 Range?


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This is a question for anyone with a Samsung LE**R51 LCD TV:

When you turn the set off using the power button in the middle of the TV - does a red LED come on and stay on? Does it do exactly the same thing if you put it into standby using the power button on the remote control?

I love this TV - but at the moment when i turn it off, or when i think im turning it off using the button on the TV this red LED comes on (its a red LED thats built into the power button, at the top), and i want to make sure im not putting it into standby as it will surely use more power than if it were off?

Thanks :)


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In common with many appliances these days, this TV doesn't have a proper power switch, just a standby switch.
I turn mine off at the wall.


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It hardly uses any power in standbye nothing like the old CRTs. Its 1watt...Had mine since last july and the bill has not shown any significant increases...:)

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