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Just a quick question...........

I consider myself to be a normal user - using my pj for films/dvd's and using my TV for pretty much everything else - say typical useage around 10 hours per wee.

This useage entails leaving the pj in standby mode for extended periods. It only takes 30 secs for it to initialise after switching on from the "power off" state - so is it better to leave it in standby or to power off when you know it may be another 24 hours possibly before you will be using it again?

Would welcome peoples opinions



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power off as in switch it off at the mains? I dont believe this gains you anything beyond having it in proper standby, except maybe being safer were there a lightening storm. Additionally, if you do intend to do this, you have to be very certain the projector has gone through all its necessary cool down procedures else you will seriously limit the bulb life



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Thanks buns - yes I do mean switch off at the mains=power off state. The Sim2 has a on/off switch at it's rear and it's this switch that I'm wondering whether to throw if the pj is not going to be used for a while.



Personal choice TBH, no advantages or disadvanages either way.

Obviously if away for a few days/weekend it would be sensible to power down completely (lightening as mentioned etc.) but my PJ has been on standby pretty much constantly (apart from when I take it to pieces :D) for the last 14/15 months.



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Thanks for that - it's put my mind at rest



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Advantage of full power off: It will save a few pennies' worth of power.

Disadvantage: Convenience.

My Sony VW10 has been in standby continuously (except when properly on, and on the three occasions it has been down for a clean) for just short of four years.

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