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Standard definition TV on a large screen



I'm looking for a TV (to go in the lounge) for my mum and dad to give as a present this Christmas.

I know bigger isn't always best, but I want to get them one of a decent size and can't decide between the range of 42" - 50"

The thing is, we've only got standard Sky in the lounge and I'm concerned that if I get them a 50" TV, the picture quality will be poor.

This isn't to scale at all, but just to show the awkward viewing angle of one of the sofa's and it's proximity to where the TV will be.

Would the picture quality be acceptable on a 50" TV only being 1.5m away?
(I'll try and get actual dimensions when there's no one around)

If not, the I shall plump for a 42" TV.

Then there's the dilemma whether to go for LCD or plasma!!
But I'll think about that once I've decided on screen size!

Any help is much appreciated!


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Panasonic 50X10 has been seen around for very good prices

Quality of SD will depend on viewing distance - probably want to be at least 12ft from a 50", if around 10ft, a 42" (42X10, £600 from JL) and 8ft a 37" (37X10, £500 from JL)

I would say even on a plasma, SD at 1.5m would be very grainy, that's pretty close for a 26" IMO :rolleyes:

Certainly don't go LCD, very pixelated I would think


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The sofa which is 1.5m away is too close for SD on a 50". It's also at too great an angle for an LCD (colours/contrast wash out at angles). The 4m seat is fine for something like the Panny 50Px10 or LG 50PQ6000.


I really would love to get a 50" plasma, but have been reading up since posting and there's the issue with screen burn!
Do modern plasma's still have this fault?

I was loosely talking to mum about this (without giving anything away) and she said that she wanted a larger TV and about having a shelf in one of the corners, which would be good as then an LCD would be fine as there'll be no extreme viewing angles. But that way they'll be restricted to only having a 42" (possibly a 46" at a squeeze)

I really need to ask them, but I want it to be a surprise.

Thanks for the info though, will think about it a little more!


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No, Panasonic plasmas especially are very resistant to burn (you really have to abuse the TV) and also image retention

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