Stand-alone player instead of a PS3


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Sorry about a double thread, but I have previously posted this in the wrong section :/

I need some advice.
I'm looking for a Blu-Ray player to replace my PS3 (great console, but way too noisy).

I have a few choices:
- LG BD370
- Panasonic BD60
- Sony S360
- Samsung P1580
- Philips BDP3000

All are priced similarly in Poland.

Now, I don't care too much how those players deal with sound, because my amp will do the decoding. I also don't care too much about the speed or if they can play stuff like divx, mkv or other formats. The will be used for BDs and DVDs only.

What I do care about is the image quality of BD movies and how good are they at upscaling DVDs (I have a big collection of those).
Also a secondary issue is the noise. I really need a player that will be quiet.

What do you guys think? Which one should I choose.


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I have the Panny BD60, and the BD playback is exceptionally good and the DVD upscaling is better than my Toshiba HD DVD player was.

But, if you want some better advice check out Trusted Reviews, very thorough, and the Panny got 10/10 on the performance side.

Many of the players in this price bracket offer pretty much the same level of Blu Ray performance, so other functionality is the deciding factor - eg, Youtube etc.

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