Stand-alone jitter-removal device...?


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I'm curious as to whether there exists a device which can (usefully) take a digital input signal, buffer it, reclock it, and output it with significantly reduced jitter. Most of the best stand-alone DACs seem to do this internally, and the benefits are obviously significant. I could buy one of those if I just wanted to do it in stereo - but I'd like something that can take a DD or DTS stream and correct it for jitter before passing it onto my Bryston SP1.7 for decoding. And which doesn't introduce significant latency or any artefacts in the process. Does such a thing exist, and, if so, how expensive is it?


this might be what you're looking for ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496
Ultra High-Resolution 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D-D/A & Sample Rate Converter
It had an excellent review on a Dutch Hifi website where for the money it costs there was no equal. 129 Euro new. Not 100% sure if it indeed handles DD and DTS signals, but that you could investigate further.

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Meridian, Theta, Monarachy, Dragon, Behringer, Apogee, Audio Alchemy, DCS, Teac, ......

quite a long list some just do the worst culprit PCM, other do bitstream as well. Mixed results.

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