Stand alone Flac player - advice needed..


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Hi all.
I'm looking for a player to replace my CD player, simply for ease of use... no more changing CDs all the time. Also my CDs are all in folders (to save space), so I never have the track lists to hand.
I know that there are dozens of suitable network players, but I am looking for something quite specific.
I want the music to be stored locally (USB HDD directly connected), as I don't want to have a PC running 24/7, and I don't want to have to go upstairs, turn it on, wait for it to boot...... before I can listen to a track - That is more hassle than the CD!
I don't want to have to have the TV on to access the music, so it needs a built-in interface / LCD remote / Android app???
I've looked at the Squeezebox Touch, but a lot of people have complained that it is flakey when running music off a local disk, I've also seen the Seagate media player, but that requires the TV to be on, and the android app looks rather basic (i.e. you can't browse your albums on the app).
Any ideas?


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Well I think this is more a music player section question but to do it with a video player would be a player with a colour LCD screen built in and access to USB/internal storage is the Popcornhour C300, theres a video demo right there in the thread.

Another option is a Tvix player S1 or A1. Tvix have a nifty feature were the media listings available to the box are reachable through a web browser, it is sort of a crude mock up of players UI in the browser and when you select something the player will play it. Keep in mind this is file listings only no playlists or anything like that and of course you will need a smartphone/tablet.

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