Stairs ?



Suppose this has to do a bit with home cinema diy as i need stairs to get to my home cinema!!!

Right, has anybody came up with any good ideas for diy staircases rather than paying stupid money.

Was thinking of getting metal box section (and a welder) then welding plates onto the box section for the treads, would love more ideas and pictures.

The hall is a basic L shape so it would be two steps the platform then steps going into loft...

Any help would be great............
You might want to contact the council as it might need to have building regs permission if its a permanent fixture.
try this link
then click on interior space at the bottom and then walkthrough, very smart looking set of stairs, and if your able to catch the program on H&L on sky then they show you how they did some of it...... Getting the same finish could be difficult (well if your as inept as me!!)

I've seen that program and thats where i got the idea from to use steel. My idea was to use steel only in the middle as i've seen that idea in a few websites that sell stair cases. Just one steel runner in the middle. Cut costs even more :D

The ones i've seen on websites start around £2k, my next door neighbour is a welder so as long as i got the correct plans and stick to regulations he said the material would cost approx £200 plus the wood, which if i calculated right would be a lot less than £2k.

Anyway, getting annoyed now as this loft conversion seems to be taking ages to start and i suppose the stairs would be the firs thin to get fitted, next plan is to go round with a few beers to the welder and tell him to get his finger out.

Thanks for the link anyway. :clap:

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