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I'm due a delivery of a Marantz CD6000 OSE LE to go with my PM7200 and SR4200, my tv shelves are full and so have my PM7200 on the ground beside them at the moment.
I fully intend to get a decent rack - equinox or something - for the 3 units but in the mean time would it be a bad idea to have the PM7000 on top of the CD6000 or the other way round?

I mean directly on top / below. I am guessing this is a big no-no but I have seen so many pictures of them placed this way. Would be for a month or so.



if you must and you really shouldn't, amp on top of CD as heat rises and vents are usually at top anyway.
CD player should be fine with the weight of the amp.
It might be worth turning off class A (Make sure you turn the power off before switching) as Class A runs the amp hot!!


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Okey doke, thanks for reply.

I considered getting a temporary hifi rack from argos but then saw sense and reckon I will just get a 3 shelf equinox ordered. The argos one didnt actaully look to bad for the money - 79.99, altho I imagine it will have a build quality simialr to that of a straw hut.


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Just been measuring the space a rack will take up - namely the equinox.

500mm x 500mm so quite a big footprint. I have a big livingroom butt he area that is most logical to place the stand I reckon will be somewhat swamped by this.

Anyone got any recommendations for a decent looking equivalent/s?

or perhaps some diy tips for stacking an amp/reciever/cd player :)


How bad is this? Doesn't actually LOOK too bad, but I imagine it may be a bit flimsy as it costs very little. Doesn't seem right putting £££'s of equipment on it somehow :)


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I bought the unit shown here from Index for £30.

It's rock solid with all that stuff on it. Of course, the lack of shelves could prove a bit tricky as you upgrade.

In 2002, I had a stack of 6 hi-fi components... (in order from top)
Sony Amplifier
Realistic Tape Deck
Panasonic VCR
Sony CD Player
TEAC Receiver
Genexxa Tape Deck

Never had any problems, and they were like that for the best part of a year.

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