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Hey all,

I moved house on Tuesday and had a pair of Sky engineers arrive wednesday afternoon to attach a new lmb to the existing dish and run cables to the lving room (through a wall in the garage) and to drill a hole into the master bedroom.

Apparently the can't drill through tiles which meant they couldn't install the bedroom. Then they said they couldn't just do the living room because it would change the description of the job.

So they recommended I call out an independent company to do the installation.

I the meantime I hooked up my sky plus box to the existing cable in the living room which interestingly allows me to pause and record anything I'm watching but obviously I can't record anything I'm not watching because there is only 1 feed.

The installers said I could get a "stacker" which would split the single feed into the equivalent of two cables... Has anyone tried this? Can someone recommend a particular component to use?


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A Stacker/destacker from what I have read is not a perfect solution, they are not cheap nor 100% reliable.

It's worth remembering that the SKY installers are told not to drill tiles due to potential damage and insurance issues, there is no reason you can not do it yourself or pay someone to do with the understanding that accidents happen.
An independent will judge the job and give you a price accordingly and accept any reprecussions if there are problems.


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Gooner71 said:
Then they said they couldn't just do the living room because it would change the description of the job.
I find this statement astonishing...

I'd get back onto Sky and complain. At the absolute minimum, they can fit the new LNB and get your front room system up and running.

If they can't drill tiles then fair enough but I can't see why that should stop them doing the rest of the job. Sounds like a really lame excuse to me.

The problem is that if you engage a local installer to do the work, you will have to pay full whack for the work.

You could drill the offending hole yourself in advance of them arriving perhaps.

In any event, I'd give sky a call.


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