Stackable banana plugs from ebay


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Has anybody used these: http://***********/4s6n7l ?

I can't find them anywhere else with a quick Google search. Don't want to buy rubbish, but these are the only ones I've found that look decent and are stackable end-to-end (not 90 degrees).

Getting cables into the back of my amp is annoying.. so considering using these instead.


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my spyware went berserk when I clicked on the above link, beware.


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my spyware went berserk when I clicked on the above link, beware.

That's confusing, it's just a link to ebay (shortened).

Gordab said:
I bought 10 sets from this guy. Easily the same/better quality than the Richer Sounds ones that sell for £4.50 a pair.

Brilliant, those look good too. Time to pick some speaker wire now, confusing choices :)



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Wouldn't it have been just as easy to say "I'm thinking about these?"

FWIW, I don't like any bananas which have that strange spinning sleeve to provide the spring tight fit into the banana socket on the amp/speaker. It's another join in the signal path, which is not desirable and in this case, not a very firm one.

Most bananas have the additional 4mm hole in the end, although I'm not sure why you would want to stack them anyway. If you want to put two cables into the same socket, then twist them together and put them in the same banana.


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