st georges day bank holiday vote


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Just maybe they're not English :hiya:


Alan_W said:
Just maybe they're not English :hiya:

Now that's just mean. I've got Welsh ancestry, but I wouldn't want to deny a holiday to a fellow Brit. It's just not cricket. :D


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We've been after a holiday on St David's Day for years, so get in the queue :)

All the schoolkids go to school in traditional Welsh costumes and have Singing and Poetry Recital competitions in Welsh. It is quite a well celebrated event in Wales.

When I worked in London I was surprised that the majority of my English colleagues weren't actually too sure when St George's Day was.:rolleyes:

Now the Irish have totally comercialised theirs :smashin:


why would you want the banks to close yet another day? very few people would get an additional days holiday out of it, particularly not when the updated statutory holiday rules come into force. there is no legal requirement for any employer to give bank or public holidays off to staff. if employees wish to take those days off they would normally come out of the contractual holiday entitlement. everyone is entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks holiday per year, and unless there are contractual restrictions you can take the days off when you want, so you can take st georges day as a holiday if you want already. there's no need to make it a public or bank holiday

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