St Agnes beach, Cornwall

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Had a short amount of time free this afternoon. So I thought I'd head over to seaside to try and get some images. Have to say Cornwall is beautiful....just a pity it's so far away!

Anyway, parked up and headed to get pics of surfers. Of course, all I discovered was that I need a longer lens.........



I had an idea of a shot for the photo comp this month and managed to get one I liked. I think it can be bettered though so I wont link to it yet as I still have a few days down here to do it to a higher standard...

I had a chat with the Lifeguard on duty as he was moving flags around and whistling to the surfers. It seems the flags mark areas where rip currents are. They move them around when they see problems arising. His view was that if you need to go in to save someone you aren't doing your job properly...

Here's a flag.



After that and some other surf pics I headed back and took some still life stuff that I thought was quite funky




In the end it was a nice couple of hours off work....I especiallylike that I got a couple of pics i really like and that I now have a good idea for competition.



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Some really nice photos there. Well done. Was just wondering though - how do you add your borders? I am an able Photoshop user, but i still cant work out how to do it correctly, and as neatly as you lot do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Scharf.

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Great work, I actually think that the shorter lens assisted you here in that the framing is bang on. I love the surf board shot. A classic and very well processed to.

Nice one :thumbsup:


Gordon @ Convergent AV

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To add the border for the small versions like this I resize so thatthe largest edge is 750pixels. Then I go to Canvas size and add add a border of .04cm black in colour. Then I go to Canvas size againa and add another border 0.5cm in white.....Now have an image with 800pixel longest size with the border. Only tried it with them all last night.

Pete: The surf shots are crops at full res. I really needed a 400mm lens. They look ok small on a pc monitor but they were cropped for the effect. The non surf shots are all virtually as shot.

For those interested the long shots were with the 70-200F4L canon (flag probably was as well). The others were with the Sigma 24-70 f2.8 macro thingy.


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Really like the surfboard shot aswell.
I definately need a decent lens, 24-105L is my next choice, but may have to wait till november (birthday) :(


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Great stuff mate, I always enjoy looking at your photos :thumbsup:


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Some great pics there Gordon. I've just got back from Cornwall myself. Really enjoyed but getting from A to B was a nightmare with all the traffic :eek: . Didn't take that many pics myself as I was tied to the family and didn't get much of a chance to roam about on my own but I've still got a few that I think are worth putting in my album once I get a chance. We were in St. Agnes last Monday and I think that maybe four of your pictures are included in this shot my wife took....


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