SSD avd HDD for gaming pc


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Hey, Thinking of getting back into pc gaming after a stint in the console domain.
After being away for a while it's apparent Solid state drives are now popular for quick loading.

I've been looking at a Alienware laptop as I travel with work and need something to keep me occupied. (any other recommendations appreciated )

So my question is how do I use a 256gb SSD installed and a external hard drive with games and movies on.
Do I copy over a game to the SSD and boot up?

Cheers. Rich


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I would save the install files on the hard drive and install the game when you want it as that's more likely to work without problems (assuming you're not using steam or another restrictive program).


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Restrictive program?

Steam offers you no choice of where to install a game, so you have to trick it into thinking the game is still where it download it to by using symlinks (NTFS junction points on windows) to the game's actual location, one for each game folder. There are a couple of helper programs like steam mover and steam tool but they're mostly just a pretty face on the command line utility you'd normally use and don't do much to change the behavior.


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If you're looking at gaming laptops take a look at rock direct and other smaller indies.

Alienware you're paying £2-300 for the name alone.

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