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SS 3.1, HD3, Atrac

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by tomiwolf, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. tomiwolf


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    i bought my HD3 about one week ago. i'm satisfied with the player but there are serveral problems i'd like to solve.

    as ss 2.3 was delivered with my player, i installed it. ss 2.3 was a bit strange to me, but after a few hours i knew how to organize my mp3 library. however, i didn't (and still don't) know how to convert mp3 files in 64 kbit atrac 3 plus files while transfering. therefore i updateted ss to the new version 3.1.

    after updating, ss didn't recognize my hd3. so i deinstalled and reinstalled it several times, but it still couldn't detect my player (however, windows of course detected the player and i could use it as hd...). then i went for a walk with my dog while i left my player connected and sonic stage running. when i came back, ss 3.1 detected the player as atrac audio device (like 2.3 did). Then i restarted ss, same problem. it took about 15 minutes till ss recognzied my player. is there anybody who got the same problems?

    At the moment ss knows about my player - and as it was a reason for me to update to ss 3.1, now i'd like to convert my mp3 files to atrac plus 64 before transfering it. i found the setting, but it doesn't work - an error message just tells me that ss cannot convert these type of files.

    i read another thread at this forum in which another user got the same error message. he says he can fix this problem connecting his player to his pc before starting ss. well... there's this little problem i described above.. the player is connected, but ss doesn't recognize it.

    thanks for your help

    p.s. don't think this has to do with sony's recall of hd3 players although the serial of my player is within the range... but ss 2.3 always got the player immediately (2-3 sec after plugging it in).

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