SreenPlay 5700 vs ThemeScene H57 Audition

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by cmnunes, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Yesterday i was able to schedule an Audition between these 2.
    To be sincere, i didnt found much diference between them.

    The ScreenPlay make better color, more vivid, the ThemeScene have much better blacks. But theses diferences arent major ones, just slight ones.

    The ScreenPlay make a bit of a noise with its fan, to the point of distract you sometime from the movie, ThemeScene is very silent.

    The price is almoust the same (SP = 2.700€, TS = 2.550€), but warranty the TS is 3 years, agains the 2 years of the SP.

    Another one on my short list was the Benq Pe7700, but i cant find anyone willing to make an audition, or even the Toshiba MT700 (which is almoust a clone of the BenQ, i was told).

    Anyone got the chance to see either the SP or TS against the Benq or Toshiba ? If so, whats your opinion ?

    What i find a bit surprising is that the SP was lunched to market about 2 years ago, and still is quite a good PJ compared with the more recents ones like the TS.

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