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Sr7001, ps3, 3d & hdmi

Robs Ears

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First of all, I hope Im in the right section for my query. Any pointers otherwise would be much appreciated.

I have a PS3 and a Marantz SR7001 receiver and am about to buy a new tv which is 3D compatible.
The PS3 is connected to the 7001 via a HDMI cable (which I believe is v1.2 as thats all the 7001 supports) and then on to the tv also via HDMI. Am I right in thinking this wont carry a 3D signal to the new tv?

I suspect that to be the case, so what would be my best bet, wiring wise, for getting the 3D stuff to the new tv whilst keeping all the HD audio I can fed to the 7001?
Is the PS3's optical out the only way of doing this which limits what HD audio gets to the receiver, or is it possible to use a HDMI splitter from the PS3 to retain all digital data so I get 3D to the tv and HD audio to the receiver?

Any help is very much appreciated, and as I say, if Im in the wrong section for advice, pointers to the right section would be great.


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An AV receiver needs to utilise at least HDMI version 1.4 in order to passthrough the sequential 3D video associated with 3D Blu-ray titles. Your SR7001 lacks a high enough version of HDMI to allow it to passthrough 3D sequential video.

HD audio cannot be conveyed via S/PDIF optical and the PS3 can only output HD audio via HDMI.

One solution would be to buy a dedicated 3D player with dual HDMI outputs. You'd connect one output directly to your 3D capable display in order to send the 3D video to it and use the other output on the player to stream the HD audio to your existing 3d non compliant AV receiver. It is either this or the purchase of a newer AV receiver. The SR7007 would be the current equivalent to your SR7001 and the SR7007 retails for about £800.

Splitting the signal doesn't work and a special kind of HDMI matrix is needed rather than a splitter. Such a matrix will probably cost you more than the purchase of a 3D player with dual HDMI output.
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Robs Ears

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Thank you for the swift reply, in laymans terms too. Much appreciated.

Unfortunately I thought this might be the case with the trusty 7001 which we would really like to keep.
Ill give it a bash with the optical out on the PS3 and see if we miss anything and look into a dual HDMI 3D player in the meantime. If you have any suggestions for one at around a couple of hundred quid, Id appreciate it, to get the ball rolling.

Thanks again, this is very helpful info for choosing av furniture for a mini cinema room as well as what our options for kit are.

EDIT: A quick google for "3d blu ray player dual hdmi" has got me a list of 8 players (doesnt seem many) to choose from, but its a start. Here is the link I used should it be of help to others - http://www.blu-ray.com/players/search.php
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