SR605 - Playing 7.1 TrueHD through a 5.1 setup

Chris MK

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Merry Christmas
I suspect this has been asked before though I can't seem to find a definitive answer - in any case I suspect there is an element of me not understanding fully.

We watched Super 8 from Lovefilm last night played from a Sony S370 blu-ray player through the 605 into a 5.1 Q-Acoustics configuration.
The sound was underwhelming!

The dvd options included a multitude of different language Dolby 5.1 outputs.
The only English option was 7.1 Dolby TrueHD. I suppose I could have brushed up on my schoolboy german and selected their 5.1 option - I did listen to the celebrated train crash using it which provided a clear indication of what had been missed by using the 7.1 English option.

The amp defaults to Dolby D and there is no output to the surround speakers.
Having persevered this morning with less alcohol in my system the only option that produces sound from all speakers is the All Channel Stereo which even to my less than sensitive hearing doesn't sound right.

Page 63 of the manual which displays the various listening modes merely confuses me. I have noticed a similar problem with DTS-HD outputs on other dvd's.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a misplaced setting somewhere?
Do I need to swap the surround speaker cables to the rear position on the amp?
Do I need to drink more?
Or is the 605 already obsolete?

Many thanks!


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I had exactly the same problem yesterday with a Panny BD75 and my 605.

On the player, you need to make sure it's set to output bitstream and the secondary audio is off.

On the amp, you need to make sure HDMI audio out is off (I think this is the one that made the big difference in my case.).
DTS-HD master needs to be set to DTS-HD master, not last valid.
Dolby TrueHD needs to be set to Dolby True HD, not last valid.
The latter two might not be necessary, but it's what I did.

Whatever, the amp isn't obsolete and will work.
It's just a setting problem.

As for the 7.1 soundtrack, that should downmix to 5.1, I'd have thought.

Do I need to drink more?

Chris MK

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Thanks for the reply and particularly the information that the amp isn't yet obsolete. In fact I have since discovered there is a True HD label on the amp fascia but I haven't noticed it lit up yet!

OK, on the Sony S370 I CHANGED BD Audio Mix to OFF (secondary audio off)
Also noted that the Audio settings for Dolby Digital and DTS were NOT set to Downmix PCM

On the 605 I CHANGED the default settings for True to TrueHD (from last valid) and also for DTS which was also set to last valid.

And I nearly got excited!

Now when the film intro/selection process is being displayed the amp shows DVD T-D (it was Dolby D before). Incidentally, the audio setup on the DVD defaults to ENGLISH 7.1 Dolby TrueHD so I don't actually have to make any changes.

However, when I select to play the film, it reverts back to Dolby D
Incidentally, the dvd is connected to the amp through an optical cable.


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Incidentally, the dvd is connected to the amp through an optical cable.
I never thought of that one.

Yep, that's the problem.

It has to run the audio through HDMI, as optical can't cut it.

Chris MK

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I have to admit that I had already typed most of my reply but then went onto a Sony forum and the issue was raised.
I bet I haven't got another HDMI cable amongst my collection.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Chris MK

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Mind you it took a trip to Maplins and PC World to get yet more cables.
Many thanks and a Happy New Year.

Despite being born in Brum 60 years ago I thought I would be different and support Tottenham! But I promise not to be rude about Villa ever again :)

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