SR6013 vs X4300H ?


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Help me resolve the Marantz vs Denon debate?

I’ve read and read and read but I still need help.

Say we compare the most financially applicable used options to me currently which are either:

SR6013 vs X4300H ?

What advice would everyone impart for my specific criteria below:

- Must drive my 5.2.2 setup well (1xApex 40, 4xApex 10, 2xRadius 200 (Atmos), 2x SVS SB-1000, ShieldPro, UltraBluray, Epson HD Projector)

- Must have better automation & accurate processing than my current Integra DRX-3.1.

- Must have Pre-outs for at least 5-channels for future purchase of 5-7 channel power amp.

- Dual Sub eq’s/processing I heard the Denon’s have the upper hand, but with identical SVS subs, is that still necessary?

- 100% for Movie watching. Streaming services, Blu-rays, priority to Atmos content.

Thank you so much
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They are basically the same under the skin sharing many parts. The Marantz is tuned more towards stereo music than the Denon but this is unlikely to effect you. Both share Audyssey XT32 and so the integration of the sub into the system will be the same. The Denon is slightly more powerful with 125 watts into 8 ohms against 110 watts into 8 ohms with two channels driven.

Personally I'd take the Denon in your circumstances because I couldn't get on with the port hole display. Apart from that maybe toss a coin it really is that close a call.

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