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    Please can someone help me with a samll problem I have discovered with my system.

    I have had the amp for a while, and due to small budget, was running it with just 2 'main' front L/R speakers initially. The 'mains' are Mission 734i floorstanders, which kick out plenty of bass.

    Fairly recently, I have added the Mission M7c and M7ds centre and rears, and I am very impressed, particularly with the rears.

    My question is tho to do with the bass-management setup on the amp. As I live in a flat directly above others, I cannot have a sub for the time being. Therefore, in the speaker setup, I have the fronts set to 'Large', as are the centre and rears. Surround Centre and Sub set to 'none'. Am I right in thinking that this configuration will send the LFE to the 2 front speakers???

    Because it seems that when I select 'source direct' on the amp, especially while watching a music dvd (madonna drowned world in dts or the corrs unplugged in 5.1) the whole sound seems to be louder and fuller, with more detail. Source Direct on the amp by-passes any speaker configuration and therefore assumes that you have surround centre and sub.

    Using the source-direct mode, and therefore having sub set to 'yes', am i losing the LFE to the front speakers????

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Thanks guys. :)

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