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SqueezeCenter wont start on Vista pc


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I installed SqueezeCenter 7.3.2 on a pc with Vista Business pro. The pc is connected by wifi to a netgear WRT54GL and the squeezebox. The 1st time i installed it i hadnt set up any wifi security and it started fine. I then added some WEP security to the router. Pc and squeezebox connected fine. I restarted the pc and SqueezeCenter wouldnt start, it just stayed in a "Starting" state. Removed the WEP security and rebooted everything but it still wouldnt start.
Did a complete clean install following this guide with WEP on before hand and it wouldnt start at all after installation
Removed it and the WEP again, restarted and reinstalled squeezecenter. It started properly. Rebooted pc and it started properly again. Turned WEP on again and rebooted pc. It didnt start at all. Removed WEP and rebooted but again it wouldnt start.
I'm at a complete loss. *** wont it start with WEP security? Why do i need to do a full clean install to get it working without security? I disabled the installed norton firewall and it didnt effect it. Had set norton to give it full permissions too.


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I'd guess two factors are at play, hence the inconsistent behaviour.

BTW a wi-fi hop to the router and a 2nd wi-fi hop to the Squeezebox can work, but isn't ideal until everything is sorted. I'd wire the Vista PC to the router and then start the process of installing and configuring Squeezcenter. Once that's going, try flipping to wi-fi.

Check out the wiki - http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Clean_Install_-_Windows_Vista - on starting over with Vista. YOu need to decide if you're installing as a service or have Squeezecenter start on an interactive login.
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Thats the guide i did follow to do the clean installs. The reason the 2 wifi hops is being done is because i couldnt get the pc (Dell Vostro) to connect to the router via a lan cable. There is a wifi nic so maybe the onboard lan is disabled, which is odd but i tested with a laptop and it could connect fine to the router.
When vista was installed they didnt set up any other users so i dont know the log in details to be able to set it up as a service via the SqueezeCenter starting options.


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>When vista was installed they didnt set up any other users<

Hmm, with the NIC not working either you make it sound like it's a corporate issue laptop, so who knows what's been locked down.

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