Squeezebox Touch vs PC/Nettop (for Sound Quality)


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I would like to stream music files (including, potentially, hi-res) from my Synology NAS to my stereo. I have a Stello DA220 MkII DAC, which also has a USB connection.

The Squeezebox Touch seems a good choice (my NAS will run Squeezebox Server), but I have also got some video on the NAS, so I could also spend about the same on an Acer Revo R3700 (or similar) nettop, install XBMC and also play video as well as audio (the Acer optical SPDIF and USB connections).

Has anyone compared the sound quality of the Squeezebox Touch and a PC, with both using digital connections to a DAC? Was there an obvious difference?

(I know that some people think that "0s and 1s are 0s and 1s", but I believe that the quality of the transport does make a difference.)


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You have at least three challenges with the PC route.

It's very difficult to ensure the OS sound stack isn't resampling in the mixer so you lose bit-perfect rips

Jitter on the outputs , especially USB unless your DAC providing clocking

The UI of Media Players isn't at all good for music, being designed for videos

I have a Revo R3700 under the telly and it's fine for Windows Media Centre, but I'd not bother with it for hi-fi.
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