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Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by mikearv, Nov 2, 2004.

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    I have a bog Hi-fi, AMP/CD/TUNER/SPEAKERS. I recently converted all my music collection into ACC format and now have the desire to intergrate this with my stereo.

    I have a wireless G network throughout the house so Squeezebox looks appealing. However, not too sure on the following.

    1. Am I right in thinking the soundcard on my PC is totally irrelevant when using squeezebox?

    2. My amp doesn't have any digital inputs at all. And it seems most current intergrated Hi-Fi amps don't either. I assume because they are intended for use with CD players, which have onboard DACs. Therefore, how would I benefit from the digital output from the Squeezebox? would it require me buying an A/R receiver?

    3. Is it possible to use Itunes instead of streamline and still be able to use the squeezebox in the same way? or does it require additonal work to be able to select songs from itunes via the remote?
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    I'll answer your questions in order:

    1) Yes, the soundcard is irrelevant if you're using a Squeezebox.

    In addition to any Squeezeboxes on your network, any PC in your network can emulate a Squeezebox using a bundled Java application called SoftSqueeze. SoftSqueeze uses the PC's soundcard to output to your PC speakers.

    If you're considering buying a Squeezebox, then I'd recommend installing Slimserver on your music server, and trying out SoftSqueeze (all completely free) before you jump in and buy a Squeezebox.

    2) Squeezebox has both analogue and digital outputs. The analogue outputs are there if you want to use a conventional analogue amp (like yours) whereas the digital output is normally used for plugging into an AV amp or a standalone DAC.

    3) Before you can use a SqueezeBox, you need to install SlimServer on the PC where your music is stored. (SlimServer is responsible for handling commands from and streaming to any Squeezeboxes on your network). SlimServer can handle an iTunes database with no problems - you simply need to tell it where your iTunes database is stored. SlimServer will never modify your iTunes database - it will only read from it. So there is no danger of SlimServer corrupting anything!
    Put simply, if your music is stored in an iTunes database, you can either access it with iTunes or with SlimServer.

    I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you've got any more questions....


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