Squeezebox 3 Question


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Hi All

I like the look of the new SB3, but one question (as I'm fancying one for xmas) - is it out yet, as I can't find anywhere that actually has them in stock?




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They aren't released until the 1st so you won't find them in stock until then!

I'll let you all know when they are released though, rrp is £230


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You can buy them from slimdevices website in US cheaper than over here.

Buy 2 an you get $100 off.

For the WIRELESS box comes to $650 (£360) roughly for 2 inc taxes + shipping.

Could easily flog one on ebay for a small profit.

£180 minus profit on e-bay = cheap wireless Squeezebox 3 (£50 cheaper at least)

Was thinking about doing this myself -what do you think??



wouldn't customs take a big bite out of that? or are they customs friendly?


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says on it's website http://www.slimdevices.com/ups.html UPS may collect a SMALL customs clearance fee -any idea how much this would be??

Also says UK is 0% Duty , along with nearly all other countries

VAT + shipping was included in my earlier calculation

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