Spy cam wiring/power advice needed


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Jul 22, 2007
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Hi all

I have one of these wireless mini spycam gizmo's that I am attempting to install into a 1/16 scale radio controlled tank. The cam wire has become damaged due to me having to twist around the power jack socket, I stripped the cable back hoping to remove the jack and solder on longer wiring.

The cam > jack lead has +ve/-ve plus it has a bare wire? As the mains lead/battery lead only has +ve/-ve can I ignore the bare one if I hard solder the extension wiring on?

Also, if anyone is up on power circuits. The cam operates perfectly off the mains transformer, or a 9v battery, yet refuses to function off 7.2v or 9.6v NiCads ( I was hoping to power the cam from the tank battery). Is there any way around this?

Hoping someone can help, and if anyone knows where I can pick up a cam only (I already have the receiver etc) dirt cheap that would be a bonus!


Rob G
Cheap and Small don't come together i'm afraid, try finding the manufacturers website and it might have wiring instructions..., why not just tuck a 9V battery away in the tank?...

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