spy bot problem


ive had a few problems with a couple of viruses that found there way on to my pc done the usual things avg , got rid of them did a spybot and some of the virus names are the same as files spybot has found!!!! tried to fix selected problems ,as it tells me but ive 51 problems that it couldnt fix any help please would be gr8
im on xp with sp 2


also on my user its really slow like if i double click on something it ages b4 anything happens. but on the guest user its fine?????????????


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Give adaware a go aswell. Sometimes it can pick up/remove stuff that others cant, and vice versa.

The Dude

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I've seen this quite a bit with AVG/Spybot.

Whereabouts does spybot find the instances of the 'viruses'..?
It should give you a bit of info as to where, as well as what it has found...

I'm pretty sure it's actually AVG leaving leftovers of viruses in the registry, which spybot then detects, but can't 'repair' as the virus itself no longer exists...

I wouldn't worry too much, though i'd check your AVG settings and make sure it's set to 'delete' rather than 'quarantine' anything it finds... ;)

The Dude

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the slow logon will be a hugw user-profile almost certainly.

c:\documents & settings\<username>

once this gets over a few hundreed meg, anything upto 5 mins can be quite 'normal' on some PCs.

- clear out your temp internet files etc, this should sort it.
And move your My Documents folder to somewhere else, if this is where you keep stuff.

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