Sputnik Movie Review & Comments


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Sounds intriguing. Where can i stream this? Located in denmark , so Sky is not an option :)


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Cheers Cas - great review and off I toddle to iTunes for a sneaky purchase! :cool:


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Thanks Cas, rented it on iTunes. :D


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Thanks Cas. Surprised it seems they actually show the Alien at the end of the trailer. Unusual to do that, though I get that the Humans are the centre of this, not so much the Alien.
EDIT: Ouch! Rental $6,99 on iTunes US - that's usually blockbuster start price!

Casimir Harlow

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Sounds intriguing. Where can i stream this? Located in denmark , so Sky is not an option :)

Hmmm, sounds like an itunes/vpn job to me. It's only released in the UK today, but it's not just Sky, it's also Amazon, Apple iTunes etc. etc.

Craig uk

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4/10 for me. A rather dull watch in more ways than one.


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Colour me intrigued, but I'll wait till it's a bit cheaper on the rental side or it pops up for free on one of the streaming sites.


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I saw it yesterday and found it rather interesting. Indeed there are some ideas taken from other sci-fi terror movies, but it seemed convincing as a whole. Since the very first scenes, I felt compelled to see it till the end, and this is my own way to understand it is not a bad movie afterall. And I felt no regrets doing so. I agree with just watching it as a Russian sci-fi terror movie, making no comparisons with others. It might lead the viewer not to appreciate the movie as it is.

Sky watsher

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YES !!!! These are the hidden gems .
Thanks @Casimir Harlow for putting this on my radar, i watched it yesterday and i really liked it.
As others said, ideas were borrowed fom Alien, and the recent Life, but it's legit on it's own way as the symbiosis dimension they added to the concept appealed to me.
For a "Low Budget" flick, i though the CGI were above decent, and as with all clever sci-fi the screen time of CGI shouldn't be over-worked, the idea/concept is the main thing.
The score !!!! yes, haunting and puts you inside the scientific research center.

Any sci-fi guy should definitely give it a try, it's one of those nice little gems that doesn't focus on gory scenes, and scary aliens, they wrote an idea, and added few CGI scenes to nurture it.

it's a 7/10 for me


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Gave it a 7/10

Interesting take by the Russians


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Watched it last night on Netflix. A solid 8.5/10 for me. My wife, who doesn’t really enjoy sci-fi or gore that much, watched it the whole way through, and really enjoyed it. Picture quality could have been a little better but the score/incidental music worked very well, and the sub-titles were clear and punchy. As for it being one of those films that you’d watch again? Maybe, if it was available in 4K, if only to extract a better picture quality. Recommended though.

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