Spotify - Virus Detected


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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but....

does anyone know if this could be a virus?

I have a music program which lets you listen to music for free called Spotify(its legal)

AVG has just flagged up a multiple threat detection. Infection has listed 2 files -

'Runtime packed themida'

Has anyone else had this?
What should I do?


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AVG is known for its false positives. Ignore it. Spotify is used be alot of people, and I'm sure if it was infected it would be making headlines.

Of course your computer could be affected, and not the Spotify application. In which case I'd advice you to get a better AV, such as Nod32, MSE or kaspersky. Infact you can do a free online scan from TrendMicro's Housecall service (I think it's called).


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It most likley isnt a false positive. I had the same problem today, ignoring it worked so meh, You should be able to add spotify to a list in AVG which will let it run and wont flag up any threats.
Themida is a newish piece of software that is basicly an anti-cracking tool. so you cant hack into the spotify software.
Themida is not harmful and comes with alot a new programs now, Ive encountered it before and AVG tried to block it but the newest version of AVG let it work.
I imagine this is a new variation of themida that AVG doesnt recognise yet. Hopefully there will be an update that will let it work.
Hope this helps at all


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I've heard that some music files which are downloaded or stream contain virsues, and is another way of entering your PC, if you dont want the headache of viruses, you could install Linux

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