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Hello, I have purchased a Sonos Connect (ZP90) and am enjoying a free 30 day trial with Napster. I have connected this to a Rega Dac.

Sound quality seems fine but i wonder if members have a view on whether Spotify Premium with it's higher bit rate is worth the extra fiver a month? IS there a noticeable difference in sound quality?

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Depends whether you want to sacrifice library content for quality sound.... The higher quality will certainly sound less splashy.
Personally I prefer the Napster library but I tend to use the online services to experiment with new music before I buy a CD so the quality of Napster doesn't bother me too much - especially for a fiver


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Thank you for replys. Really interesting article and lead me to look at blog sites where members are saying the same thing (well.....moaning actually!).

Will pay me tenner and have a listen me thinks.



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Exactly the setup that I have.......only downside is Spotify have 200 record labels pulling their content off soon (according to reports). Thinking of cancelling. Sound though is superb!

I think I read that those labels have gone from other streaming services including Napster as well.


You might want to read this before making your mind up as at present, Spotify higher bit-rate only applies to a miniscule percentage of their catalogue.

I read thorough your link and found a link to this:

Important Update (23/09/2011): Spotify's Official Statement: "All music streamed through Spotify is of high quality (no less than 96 kbps for mobile and 160 kbps for desktop). We have a catalog of more than 15 million tracks and more than 99.9% are available in high bitrate (320 kbps) for our Premium users. Our catalog adds an average of 10,000 new tracks daily and we add the newly added tracks as quickly as possible."

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