Spotify playback quality

Hi, all
I'm getting real problems with spotify playback quality, it's hard to describe the issue but I'll try!
Basically, it's most noticeable when anyone sings the letter 'S' or during cymbal sounds, they appear to 'break up' and it sounds awful.
This is on an iphone XR.
Anyone else noticed this, it's making me think about swapping to Apple or Amazon, I didn't have issues with these prior to switching to spotify.
The only thing that stops me swapping right now is I use my phone to play background music in a club and the crossfade facility in spotify is great for that.


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If you're premium, have you tried setting the stream audio quality to highest bit rate (320k)?
Hi, I'm premium and it's set to 'very high' on streaming and download.
It would be easy to blame the phone, but it didn't it on Amazon/Apple before.


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Odd. Never had an issue with Spotify.
Whether iPhone 11 or streamed via PC.
Contact Spotify support/forums maybe...


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Strange one. Never had any sounds issues with Spotify on Android phones, iPads, iPhones, Bluetooth speakers, etc, nor when streaming it through another app, like djay. 🤔

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