Spotify instructions - can I download music?


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Hi folks.

My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying Spotify to stream all sorts of favourite tracks whenever we want. It's a bit like joining a nice gym I guess, the more you use it, the less expensive it seems - wish we had more time!!

Anyway, in the menu sections of playlists, I notice you can "add music to iTunes" - I naively assumed that this meant you could download all your favourite tracks to your iTunes library for ever... but when I checked my iTunes library, the tracks that I selected hadn't appeared.

Am I correct in understanding that Spotify is essentially a virtual online jukebox with millions of tracks to choose from? And that if you actually want to download/own the tune then you need to find the mp3 and purchase it? I didn't quite understand the concept of adding the tracks to iTunes and them being available offline to sync to iPod to enjoy elesewhere.

Could someone please clarify this for me? :lease:


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I think its more offline play doesnt give you the mp3 more the ability to play the music wheb your not connected to the Internet


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Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the difference between Free, Unlimited and Premium

Spotify in essence allows you to rent music. Free and Unlimited account delivers music via streaming. Premium adds offline downloading and smartphone/tablet support. Tracks only remain available for as long as your account type remains active (and/or Spotify continue to have the licensing rights)

The iTunes thing you see is about importing your iTunes library and playlists already on your hard drive. You cannot export Spotify tracks off Spotify.

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