Spotify:apple air play, apple TV, Amp and Squeeze box touch


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I've been a spotify premium user for the last 6 months , i mainly listen to it in the car hooked up via bluetooth or plugged into a dock at home.

I have a squeeze box touch with spotify enabled but i find it slow and clunky, but sound quality is perfectly acceptable, I am thinking of doing away with the squeeze box touch, and getting an amp that's either Airplay enabled or my preferred choice is an anthem AVR model and connect an apple tv to it.

I've read contradicting reports on the net that airplay with apple tv compresses the audio signal and therefore you lose quality, is this down to Apple TV or would i still encounter this loss of quality with any airplay amp aswell?



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i use my amp for streaming my music which is stored on a nas drive or stream music of the net and or spotifiy which you need a premium account all works well .Marantz UK | SR7007 there a newer model out now sr7008 both have apple air play.


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Funny enough I have Squeezebox ecosystem and AirPlay and Spotify.

Generally speaking, I use Spotify from my iPad or iPhone directly on main Hifi (a 13 year old Harman Kardon beast) via an Apple TV and it works beautifully. I personally find the sound quality stunning, but I'm not someone who peeps at audio specs and either pretends to hear the difference, or really does. I have good ears for these things, so I can tell a good HiFi over a bad one, but this setup still sounds great to me.

Sometimes I listen on my Squeezeboxes (Squeezebox Radio, Boom and SBII), and for this I use the iPeng 7 app. This makes it a LOT more usable. I use the Core Squeezebox app on the Squeezebox, and this can be controlled via my iPad or iPhone using the iPeng app. It works beautifully. iPeng 7 is not free, but worth the cost.

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