Spot of bother with Pioneer VSX ax5i - help!


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Bought this second hand off these forums recently and it seemed to be working fine, but now it won't output either the audio or video from my DVD player (it did yesterday!). I have tested the DVD player with other kit and both audio and video work fine. The amp also still outputs audio using its tuner and the same speaker set up.

So there is not a problem with either the DVD player or the speaker system by themselves or even with the connection between the receiver and the speakers - only between the receiver and the DVD player. I tried another DVD player and that's the same too.

I have the DVD player hooked up via component to the receiver then out via component to the PJ/TV from the receiver (neither PJ or TV work with this output from receiver but both work directly from the DVD player), and I have the optical digital out of the DVD player into input 2 on the receiver. I have assigned these correctly and, as I said, it all worked in exactly this configuration yesterday - What am I doing wrong or is there a problem with the receiver?

Any help you might be able to give me would be appreciated!!



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Oh - and I forgot to say that the on screen display from the receiver ouputs fine onto the display too - so it's deffo my DVD player not talking to the receiver or the receiver not listening!

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