Sport on Plasma?

steve 111

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Jan 5, 2003
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Newport, Gwent
Nervous about taking the plasma plunge due to reports i've heard about sport, especially football and rugby, having poor reproduction on plasma screens.

The majority of my TV watching is sport, mainly on Sky Sports, and I would welcome any advice or experiences people have had on watching sport on their plasma.
I have a 42" Panasonic V4
and if the source is good it looks great... and if its bad its awful. but that is not the Plasma.s fault... its the source material
the same applies to all programs not just sport

I got mine about 16 months ago.. and had the same worries as you.. however I would never EVER go back to a CRT in the living room. the plasma is just stunning... and I also have my PC hooked upto it

99% of plasma owners seem to agree that they are great screens. the detractors probably have never seen a Plasma setup with a good source

I say go for it
I found terrible blockyness on plasmas when the camera fast pans across a green pitch. didn't like it at all

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