spore...anyone else get bored?


so spore was really fun!
you could customise just about everything you could ever want, national anthem...clothes, looks, buildings, machines,spaceships etc etc.

but then once you get to the space age part for me it just got boring.

you built on a planet, teraformed it, got it up to T3 and then built all the cities up to make you spice and then traded with other planets.
after a while of this i just didnt see the point.
you have CONSTANTLY to rescue planets, fend off pirates and the such.
your planets dont make you cash yourself YOU have to pick up the spices and sell them, they dont sell themselves!? whatttt!

you are a space age civilisation which is meant to be clever yet the empire cannot function and sell stuff without your ship?
anyone else find this a down fall?

did i miss something and can you do it?


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