Spooks series 3


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Does anyone know when this will be aired yet?

Can't wait much longer for this after the way they ended series 2!!!


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:clap: Good News! Thanks for that

I knew they were filming as I saw a picture in the Mirror - however that was some time ago and I'd heard nothing since.

Ian J

I think that series 3 is a bit of a let down and the writers / producers have lost their way. The original series was not just about MI5 but also the relationship between one particular individual and his job. He may have been a miserable git that couldn't decide exactly what he wanted but at least he had a personality.

We are now left with a couple of 20 something cardboard cutouts that have no personality or charm or any redeeming features whatsoever. Tom Quinn has been replaced by a pretty boy who is showing his rebellious nature by neither shaving nor wearing a tie.

I'm afraid that unless it picks up very quickly it will be yet another season pass to be deleted from my Tivo which is a shame as it used to be compulsive viewing.

Edit - They Think It's All Over has gone as that is now too unfunny to watch and the ever reliable Stargate is turning into a ridiculous parody and the season pass for that may not last much longer either.

I would have thought that with American troops in various places in the Middle East that they wouldn't wish their generals to be portrayed on TV as bumbling idiots but that's what happens when one of the lead actors is also an Executive Producer. I expect that he will run for president in the next series.


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I totally agree with you - I had to watch it religiously everyweek when it was on before but the last two episodes I have taped and haven't got round to watching yet... That would never had happened if Tom Quinn was still in it...

A big letdown in every sense :boring:


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Really, i got to dissagree, i thought they were in keping with previous episodes and must watch.

Dont know why tom left the series, but you never know he might come back. Maybe as a rouge/baddie.


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