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My BG1208 seems to spontaneously turn on occasionally when I first get into the house; the remote is usually on the fireplace and thus shouldnt be jogged by me walking across the floor.

What could cause it to turn on automatically, or is this the projector suggesting I should sit down and watch a film? ;)

I do use energy saving mini flourescent type tubes in both the lounge and landing lights, but the projector doesnt turn on as soon as I turn these on. I have audio cables snaking across the lounge floor (not sorted out cabling yet).

Any ideas?


Boris Blank

The only thing I can think of is that its picking up an IR signal from someplace that matches the power on signal from the remote. You don't have an remote for your garage or car or something do you thats maybe pointed in roughly the same direction as the pj? Remember the pj has a IR receiver at the front and also at the back (at least in my 801s it does).

Just an idea,

Roland @ B4

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I've never heard of this and it is probably worth throwing the mains switch to prevent it running during the day when you don't want it.

There is an option on the barco which affects which effects the power up mode. open up the case and the rear metal cover, on the inside of this cover you will see a range of LED's and dip switches. One of those is clearly marked for powerup mode standby or operation.

If that is set correctly I can only think that it is indeed getting an outside IR comand. Check the LED's on the pannel above one of them indicates infrared comands.
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